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  Make pictures and animated gifs from scratch!

Upload the pictures you would like to be part of your animation. You can drag the rows up and down to change the order and set how long each image should appear. Pictures should not be greater than 5Mb in size in total.

When you are finished uploading, click on Settings or Finish above.

Upload size left: 5 Mb

Change the speed of your animation

Image size

If the frames are different sizes or are considered too large, they will be resized.

Standard sizes
Custom size Width:
Loop preferences

Choose whether the animation should loop continuously, just once or a specific number of times.

Repeat forever Repeat Do not repeat

Heading / Footer text

You can add a header or footer such as a title or copyright message. This will appear on all frames of the animation.

Include Header: Position: Color: Background:

Include Footer: Position: Color: Background: